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luxury art wedding + portrait photography; a timeless editorial feel with a hint of contemporary.

Experience the perfect blend of timeless editorial photography and classic photojournalism style with luxury art wedding and portrait photography services. Specializing in capturing authentic imagery that tells a unique story and creates a nostalgic feeling to last a lifetime.

Hi, I am marlon

I draw my inspiration and creativity from old-school films and magazines.

Marlon Castle is sentimental and understands the value of photos as the only legacy we truly leave behind - the only way to preserve our memories and the people we love. That's why he is dedicated to creating images that people can treasure for years to come. With his camera, he aims to freeze time; strive to create beautiful and meaningful images that his clients can cherish for a lifetime, and preserve their precious memories forever.

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Wedding Photographer

Preserving the Beauty of Life: Capturing Your Legacy through Timeless Photography

from big to micro weddings, candle-lit minimonies, to daring elopements, all the way through quality time with portrait photography - all love stories and memories deserve to be told.

As a luxury art wedding and portrait photographer, I believe that photographs are not just images, but a significant part of human history. They are a powerful tool for documenting our existence and passing on our memories to future generations. Whether I am capturing the simplest of moments, like sipping coffee in the morning, or the most important of events, such as the bride and groom's first look, I always strive to create stunning and timeless art that tells a story. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for capturing emotion, I aim to turn your experiences into frame-worthy art you'll want to hang on every wall in your house for a lifetime.

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A storyteller who uses his lens to capture the essence of life's most meaningful moments - if you're looking for a passionate and experienced photographer who can turn your memories into a legacy; let's work together to create something amazing!


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