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As I grew older, my passion for photography grew with me. I learned about lighting and composition and honed my skills. As a photographer, I am able to share my passion with others. I love wedding photography, capturing the beauty and emotion of my couples on their big day. I am also fond of portrait photography, capturing the unique personalities and beauty of my subjects. I am a very sentimental person, and I truly understand the value of photos. They are the only legacy that we truly leave behind, the only way to preserve our memories and the people we love. This is why I am so passionate about what I do. I strive to create beautiful and meaningful images - art that my clients can cherish for a lifetime.

I have always been fascinated by photography and the ability it has to capture moments in time and allow us to look back, remember, and reminisce about them. Photography allows me to freeze time, document the fleeting beauty of a moment and hold it forever. I have always been drawn to photography, ever since I was young with a cheap point-and-shoot film camera that I would take with me everywhere. I would snap photos of my friends and family, of landscapes and sunsets, just for the sake of having a memento of that moment in time. I loved being able to look back at those photos and be transported back to that moment, to remember the people and places that made up the tapestry of my life.

Marlon Castle Wedding + Portrait Photography

Moments. Legacies.

Capturing memories that transport you through time .

editorial meets contemporary

a style that is both polished and current

As a Vancouver, Canada-based wedding photographer, my style of photography is an approach editorial, incorporating contemporary, with a lean toward moody tones to carefully craft images with an artistic sensibility.

Aside from my passion for photography, I am also a coffee lover and wine enthusiast, always looking for new places to explore and travel with my phenomenal wife.

When I stand behind my camera, I am in my element. My focus is on the subject matter, creating stunning images for my clients. I believe every image should be unique, capturing the moment's essence, and preserving memories. With my love for photography and my commitment to my clients, I promise to deliver beautiful images that will pass down through generations.

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A storyteller who uses his lens to capture the essence of life's most meaningful moments - if you're looking for a passionate and experienced photographer who can turn your memories into a legacy; let's work together to create something amazing!


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